Locations help you separate your operations by a physical location or facility. Each location will have a set of assets, settings and team members that is independent from the rest of your locations. When creating an account, you will be assigned a default location that can be updated with all of your location details and assets.

You can access location settings in the top right section of the navigation bar.

Location Setting Link

Inviting users/team members

On the location settings page, you will find the section to invite a new user to your location. You can invite people and provide role based permissions for their access.

invite a user to join

  • Administrator - full control of the site with read/write/delete functionality as well as the ability to invite other users to the location.

  • Reviewer - only has read access to the system and can not complete any maintenance services or edit assets.

  • Employee - has access to complete maintenance services and view all assets but can not edit or delete assets, or invite other users.

Inviting a user will send them an email link that will allow them to register for the system. Once registering, they will start with their own default location, but clicking on the invite link will provide access to the location of the invitation.

When you invite a user, a Pending Team Invitations section will appear showing all invited users that have not yet accepted their invitation. Invitations can be cancelled prior to the invited user accepting access.

pending team members

Team Member Access

Once a team member has accepted access, they will appear in the Team Members section on the location settings page. You will have the ability to change the role of each user in this section as well as revoke access to the location.

team member access

Adding Locations

Clicking on the location name dropdown at the top of the navigation menu will allow you to add a new location to your account. The new location will be completely separate from other locations on your account. If you have multiple locations, you can easily switch between them under the location name dropdown.

create a new location