Manage your forklift battery fleet like never before

Take full control of your battery maintenance program with scheduling, reporting and detailed analysis of your entire fleet.

Manage your battery fleet
without adding monitoring hardware.

Most forklift battery management systems require you to invest in expensive hardware installations so that they can record and store events. We provide ways to utilize your smart phone or tablet instead.

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Control all aspects of your electric forklift power assets including change out management, battery inspections, capacity tests, recording procedural checklists and general maintenance tasks.

Asset Management
Manage your batteries, chargers, trucks and map each to a physical location in your facility. Monitor your battery performance over time.
Battery Watering
Setup a watering interval, report on batteries that need watering and record your battery watering events.
Battery Change Management
If you are changing forklift batteries, you will be able to record those changes and get insights on how your fleet is performing. Easy first-in, first-out battery selection.
Battery PM
Perform and record battery inspections to identify safety issues and monitor the state of your batteries.
Battery Washing
Setup a wash interval, report on batteries that need a wash and record your battery wash events.
Capacity Testing
Record capacity tests and get a visual representation of your battery's performance over the discharge period.
Role Based Team Members
Add team members to manage forklift services or to provide the ability to review maintenance reports.
Service Tickets
Record services and maintenance as they are discovered and manage the state of the ticket as the equipment is repaired.
Procedural Checklists
Easily design and implement checklists to help employees follow procedures and record each occurrence.
Performance Reports
Get feedback on how your batteries are performing over time to provide insight into capital planning.